We belong to Think Global Qualitative, a network of independent researchers who offer global projects to clients and deliver local insights and recommendations to power global growth.

In collaboration with this network, we are nominees for the MRMW Awards '15 for The Good Dog project we did.

Think Global Qualitative Associates self-funded this multi-country project.  We chose the role of dogs in the lives of their owners because we felt this topic presented a great canvas on which to explore global differences. A new online platform (VisionsLive) afforded us an additional opportunity to see how this mobile-enabled technology might, or might not, support a global team of independent qualitative researchers. Participating countries included: Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Mexico, South Africa, UK, and USA.

Piyul and Pia are both appointed 'Northpoint Knights' for belonging to the visiting faculty of Northpoint Center of Learning - where they have taught the Post Graduate program for Marketing Research over 5 years.

The Northpoint Centre of Learning is a Management Resource Development centre. It provides a bridge between the evolving needs of industry for effective talent on the one hand and the development needs and aspirations of young professionals on the other.

The Northpoint model is designed to promote business success by empowering managers and young professionals with updated knowledge and decision-making skills. To make all learning relevant, it works through a close partnership with industry to deliver customised development of effective talent through sustained engagement.

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